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What are the best social networks for your business?

Everyone is using social networks, but when it comes to choosing the best platforms for professional use, things get a bit complicated. A little preliminary reflection is necessary to develop an effective social media strategy whose first step is to choose the social network adapted to your business activity. Hollispot chose to focus on three dominant social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Facebook, a multi-purpose social network for B2C businesses

Logo FacebookFacebook, doyen of social networks, remains a very attractive social network with its 33 million active users in France1, especially for B2C companies. All age generations are present on Facebook, even if it is considered an old network by the youngest. To have an effective presence this network, companies will have to take the time to develop a community that can engage with them and increase their notoriety. Images are the most shared content on the platform and are a good way to expand the business community. Beautiful photos, well polished, will be easily relayed and boost your visibility. We will never tell you enough: know how to create emotion! This advice is often repeated, but the latter keeps all its value!

Facebook is also for B2B companies

For companies targeting a professional audience, Facebook remains an interesting social network since it is widely used. However, they must measure their presence and be active on other social networks, more adapted to their needs. Paid advertising allows them to access a precise audience and really optimize their presence on Facebook.

Twitter, the network of influencers and B2B

Twitter is the live network, specialized in microblogging, a specificity that does not always allow companies to properly assess the value of a presence on the network. Yet it is frequented by the most cutting edge influencers, journalists and bloggers, we could call it the high sphere of influence if you may! Companies operating in B2B can identify those in their sector. By entering their zone of influence, they will have immediate access to a qualified target and will benefit from the notoriety of these influential people. Twitter is also an excellent monitoring tool for companies, which can identify topics that may interest their target and feed their communication strategy.

Twitter in B2B mode: Service management

Twitter makes it possible to get in touch directly with prospects or customers, to know their needs and to better evaluate their expectations. The possibility of developing a service on Twitter can be very profitable, provided to be present permanently on the network and to have a well adapted communication. Suffice to say that it is better to entrust this work to a specialist, a talented community manager, a guardian angel who will constantly monitor the company’s social account. He will manage his presence effectively and take advantage of any opportunity that may help boost its reputation. A good community manager is endowed with great powers: neutralize a troll or turn a bad buzz into a masterful advertising stunt!

Instagram, picutre network and BtoC

Integrating Instagram allows you to take advantage of the many possibilities of visual communication. The images are very popular with the public: for example, an article with an image generates an average of 94% more views compared to an article that does not. 2 Social network users do not escape the power of images, they promote their commitment. This specificity has not escaped the brands BtoC sector, which integrate Instagram to their marketing strategy, especially those of fashion, luxury and automotive. Because on Instagram, no question of going unnoticed, we shine a thousand lights!

LinkedIn, THE ultimate B2B network

LinkedIn is often seen as the high-end network of highly qualified professionals. In the United States, 50% of higher education graduates are registered on LinkedIn2 and the network brings in a concentration of high income. The peculiarities of the network make it a tool of choice to work on its personal branding. This has not escaped the recruiters who appreciate LinkedIn to identify the most promising profiles. Young graduates use it to find their first job, the older ones will most likely use it to get in contact with people who can help them boost their careers. For B2B companies, LinkedIn is a prospecting tool to ensure the watch of their sector of activities, whether it is to monitor the major competitors or identify future business partners. Also, the network can be used as a loyalty tool, a platform where the company can show its expertise by posting or relaying quality content to its customers.

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