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How to take care of your presence on social networks?

Social networks are now part of everyday French, 69% of them consult them at least once a day¹. No other media can touch such a large target as easily. But, having an effective social media presence requires a good knowledge of the major social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Why is it so important to manage your presence on social networks?

We could easily say that it is enough to open an account on a social network and feed it with some posts from time to time to have a satisfactory social media presence. It would still be a case of underestimating the importance of social networks and, above all, miss out on interesting opportunities. It is therefore better to know the social networks in order to exploit all the possibilities and avoid any missteps.

Communicating well on social media: e-reputation

Posting content at random, depending on your mood, is not without consequences, because anything that is published on social networks can be reposted and easily escape the control of its author. Then comes a slightly bizarre concept, which can even make you smile: e-reputation, a global evaluation criterion of everyone’s presence on digital media, which will become more and more important over time. Whether you are a blogger or a company, a well-thought-out social media strategy helps to maintain an irreproachable reputation.

So, how to optimize your social media strategy?

Set goals and know your audience

Knowing where we are going and who we want to reach allows us to setup the (soft) war machine and to make a faultless entry into the social media sphere. The goals of a blogger and a company are obviously not the same. One or the other may be looking to increase brand awareness, gain visibility, build website traffic, reach new prospects, build customer loyalty, or simply sell more products, as much as possible. objectives requiring the establishment of different means. Another essential point is to know your audience well, the demographic and socio-economic criteria that define it. By knowing the audience, we can identify its issues and interests, offer relevant content and adapt its communication style.

Create an effective profile

The profile is worth your time, the latter must be sufficiently flattering and attractive to make the visitor want to go further. It is your business card or the showcase of your business, so it’s best to make a good impression! The photos immediately set the tone: fun or more serious approach, BtoC or BtoB orientation, etc., the photos help the visitor to understand immediately if he or she is in the right place. The social media sphere is wide and the audience very solicited, and to promote engagement better so highlight the advantages reserved to your subscribers: information, advice, contests, discounts, participations in events, etc., are all small touches that can make a difference.

What content to post on social networks?

You have identified your audience, it will now be easy to identify its interests and issues. This will help you establish your editorial strategy and publish interesting content for your subscribers. Fun content, news of your sector of activity, tips, advice to help them in their daily life or their job… These publications with high added value are likely to be liked, shared, commented. By surfing on social networks, they gain visibility and help you achieve your goals. By adopting a rhythm of regular publication and skilfully dosed, neither too much, nor too little, you will establish a ritual expected by your subscribers.


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Connect with your community

Social networks abolish traditional barriers and distances, promote interactions between people with common interests or tastes, or working in the same field. One of their main advantages is to create proximity between their users. To animate a community is to maintain this proximity. You will achieve this by interacting with your subscribers, answering their questions, thanking them for their contributions, sharing your successes… Social networks are privileged places to develop links of connivance and authenticity in a world where these values appear more and more essential. This is an opportunity to share some exclusive information, to discover the behind the scenes of your company, to introduce your team members, to organize IRL meetings … The authenticity of your communication will contribute to the success of your social account!