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How to increase the number of your subscribers on Instagram?

Instagram broke the 1 billion user mark in 2018¹, making it one of the most popular networks. Acquiring visibility on Instagram is now a big part of the social media strategy of most bloggers and businesses. So, how to attract new subscribers on Instagram?

How to animate and engage a community on Instagram?

The goal is not to have a very broad community, but rather active and engaged. It’s hard to please everyone, but by targeting well we can gather a faithful group. On Instagram each of your posts:

  • participate in giving a particular identity to your account;
  • integrates with an immediately recognizable aesthetic;
  • nourishes a coherent story, imagined to seduce the coveted audience.

Hollispot gives you 8 tips to grow your community on Instagram

1. Storytelling, an essential foundation

Instagram is a magical tool to showcase your storytelling. Each post will feed it and strengthen the identity of the social account. It must be defined from the start and remain the same to be credible. This continuity will maintain the commitment of the community, which can identify with the characters in the story and make them heroes capable of sublimating their daily routines. The success of brands is much more often made up, of their ability to imagine a storytellling that sounds just like the quality or originality of their products. Far from being fooled, the public is complicit in this approach, it appreciates the beautiful stories, because they allow one to live with more intensity!

2. Set goals

Free-for-all posting, without having defined a preliminary strategy, would only constitute a series of images of no great interest to the audience, and would generate few interactions. On the contrary, by integrating each post into a previously defined strategy, we can encourage interactions, gain visibility, and help broaden the community.

3. Your Instagram followers love quality visuals!

It will be difficult to engage an audience with dark, fuzzy or poorly framed pictures. If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of your photos, touch them up. It is best to use a camera and specialized retouching software to get a professional job. But, if you do not have these tools, you can use your smartphone. The many filters and settings built into Instagram make it possible to transform a photo of average quality into a completely acceptable product. It is advisable to always use the same filters and settings, because those participate in making an aesthetic specific to each instagrammer or in other words, they define a visual signature.

4. Add captions to photos

Pictures with a captions are more likely to hit their target. These few words should be designed as a Call To Action intended to make your audience interact. They can take the form of a question for example, which will encourage the audience to provide an answer. Remember to put the keywords at the beginning of the caption, because only the first lines appear in the user’s thread.

5. The Instagram Stories, a boost to win subscribers

Stories are growing in popularity: 400 million Stories are shared every day on Instagram². These ephemeral photos or videos appear in the newsfeed for 24 hours, they help keep your account alive and keep your community engaged.

6. Set the best times to post on Instagram

You need to imagine when your target is viewing their Instagram account, what their typical day might look like. The best time can be in the morning and evening, when your target returns from work, or on weekends when they are no longer available. But these are times when competition in the newsfeed is important, your posts may be a little drowned in the mass. These are therefore different parameters to take into account to define the ideal publication schedules. The best advice we can give is to test and study the fallout. The regularity having a lot of importance, as soon as you have defined your schedules, always publish at these moments there and regularly.

7. Organize a contest

The contest is always a great way to engage and expand Instagram communities, even if it requires investment. The reward must be attractive enough to engage the community and promote sharing. It’s not just a market value, you can offer gifts that do not require any financial investment, such as an IRL meeting or an event invitation, this form of reward has the enormous advantage of humanizing the instagrammer.

8. Create hashtags

Hashtags are a way to bring more visibility to your photos. The hashtag can be directly related to the photo, it will bring in this case a targeted audience that may like the content and perhaps subscribe to the account. You can also create a hashtag from the most popular keywords, the search function of Instagram allows to know those related to your theme. This strategy allows to bring more traffic, but, in return, much less targeted.

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