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How to expand your LinkedIn community?

Developing a community on LinkedIn involves a bit of adaptation to your communication style for a this particular social network. You won’t have much chance of building a community on LinkedIn by applying tricks that worked on other networks. On LinkedIn, we do not go anywhere without knocking at some doors and showing clean forms, because this social network mainly focuses on the seriousness and professional expertise. Hollispot, a LinkedIn Certified Marketing Partner, is giving you some tips for making a great entry on the network!

LinkedIn, a professional community

When we arrive on LinkedIn for the first time, we are immediately struck by the sober appearance, even a little austere, of the network. Here, everything is done to stand out from the mainstream social networks and to get an impression of seriousness and professionalism. The user accustomed to Facebook or Twitter must prepare to change his habits to be able to use LinkedIn effectively. LinkedIn members join the network for business purposes, to promote their business, enrich their address book or work on their personal branding. There are also many recruiters and headhunters in a perpetual quest, researching rare pearls that might have get lost through the cracks.

What codes and language to adopt to build a LinkedIn community?

Communicating on LinkedIn requires knowing some basic operating principles and to adapt your communication style, in order to take full advantage of all the possibilities of the network. LinkedIn allows anybody to work on the visibility and the notoriety of companies and individuals, to get in touch with influential people in your sector of activity, not easily accessible in other ways, and to engage in dialogue with them. It is the quality and the relevance of your interventions that will make your interlocutors want to exchange with you. You must also know how to measure your presence on the network and intervene wisely. You will be judged more on the quality of your interventions than on their quantity. In real life, the brilliant speaker has the power to get and to keep the attention from the most undisciplined students. On LinkedIn, productive exchanges will have the same power, they will promote sharing and recommendations, very favorable to the enlargement of your community.

Building a LinkedIn community means knowing how to stand out!

Once you integrated all the specificities of the network and its assets, what remains to know is how to organize a successful LinkedIn strategy. LinkedIn is a medium on which one exists only by a regular presence and also an ability to demonstrate its singularity. On LinkedIn as elsewhere, only the remarkable profiles will be noticed. By taking part in community life, by taking an interest in other members and exchanging on common interests, we gradually build a LinkedIn profile in every respectable points. In the real world, it’s called shining in society!

Develop a community of prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a network well suited to social selling BtoB. Companies in the acquisition phase can develop their pool of prospects by gaining visibility with a targeted audience and engage them in the conversion tunnel. But LinkedIn also allows you to maintain a privileged relationship with existing customers and to build loyalty. The digital world is full of commercial offers of all kinds. Your targets, like any identity present in the digital world, are overexposed to this commercial forcing, with its saturation effect as a result. The salesman, blinded in front of all this and presenting his product, may well have a relatively short career on LinkedIn. By taking care of his approach, exchanging with his prospects on topics that interest them, he will surely have much better results. But for all that and even more, Hollispot trusts you: you will act, as usual, with tact and delicacy!

What tools to use to develop a LinkedIn community?

After the theory, let’s go to practice. There are different ways and tools to build and develop a LinkedIn community:

  • By writing interesting posts, or link to personal articles, you’ll improve the value of your company or your profile;
  • By relaying the posts of other users, you will show the interest that you have for them;
  • By participating in focus groups and sharing relevant publications, you will showcase your expertise;
  • Do not hesitate to decorate your posts with a picture, because they favor the engagement of your audience: a post embellished with an image generates nearly twice as many comments as the one that does not contain it.*

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*Source LinkedIn