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How to create an editorial plan?

Crucial for community managers, the editorial calendar is the backbone of their publication strategy. At a glance, they can view content, profiles, social networks and release dates. A well thought out editorial planning allows to optimize their presence on the social networks and to adopt a coherent strategy, perfectly in phase with the editorial charter established by the customers. Finally, the ability to schedule posts and manage the distribution of all publications will avoid any stress to the community manager!

Editorial planning, an essential foundation for your work

While setting up an editorial calendar takes time and a lot of thinking, it’s a very worthwhile investment because it will make it much easier to publish on social media later. It is built from parameters integrating the specificities of each social network, the audience to which it is addressed, the sector of activity targeted (BtoC or BtoB) and the objective of your posts: sell a product or a service, build customer loyalty, foster engagement, expand a subscriber community, etc. Hollispot greatly facilitates this work by allowing the creation of an unlimited number of editorial calendars for a truly customized publication, perfectly adapted to clients and publication topics.

What’s a good editorial planning?

The mix of all these parameters determines the choice of themes and topics, networks on which they will be published, days and hours of the posting. All these elements synthesized in the form of a table constitute the editorial calendar. Once this work is done, the community manager can check the consistency of all posts and, more generally, their compatibility with the editorial charter established by the client. The programming of posts makes it possible to manage the publications efficiently, to ensure a non-stop stream of posts, including the holidays and vacations, a perfectly oiled mechanism ensuring a very effective stream of posts.

Choosing the right tempo: when to publish?

Choosing the best publication schedule is always a complex decision because it requires taking into account multiple parameters. Proof of this is the numerous statistics produced on the subject offering ready-made solutions, which can only answer simple problems. To achieve its objectives, the community manager must refine his or her strategy and adapt it according to the client, the social network, the objective to be achieved, the type of target and its problematic. A test phase is then necessary to evaluate the performance of the chosen schedules.

  • The community manager has the analytical tools made available by social networks. This data gives insight on when the audience is connected and at what time they post comments, which is very useful information in order to be able to post wisely!
  • Watching the competition is another way to define schedules and can increase the effectiveness of your posts!

Harness all the resources of an automated editorial calendar!

Community managers know it well, social networks never sleep! A well-thought-out editorial planning, backed up by a powerful automation solution, will ensure that their social posts have the success they deserve. The automation of publications makes it possible to have a permanent presence, to take full advantage of all the important events of the calendar. Christmas, religious holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, holidays, back to school, etc., are all opportunities to exploit and increase the performance of their posts. Moreover, a much finer analysis will allow the fulfilling of the whole space-time, to optimize all the time slots: the hot hours, beneficial to the business, but also the cold hours, more favorable to the engagement. Here again, the community manager will take care to adapt his strategy to his clientele and his objectives.

Multi-publication boosts the performance of your editorial calendar!

The automation of publications allows the simultaneous posting of several accounts, so that each one of them can reach an audience, to become more social, even more versatile and moving and also submit posts several times at once. Multi-publication can gain impact, even if it seems reasonable to adapt the message to the codes used in each social network! Hollispot allows you to manage and stream a number of social network profiles at the same time. By adopting Hollispot, you are sure to reach your target audience wherever it is!