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How to create an editorial plan?

Crucial for community managers, the editorial calendar is the backbone of their publication strategy. At a glance, they can view content, profiles, social networks and release dates. A well thought out editorial planning allows to optimize their presence on the social networks and to adopt a coherent strategy, perfectly in phase with the editorial charter […]

How does one become an influencer?

Influencers arouse real enthusiasm among the public: 34% of the French population follows at least one influencer. This figure even reaches 53% among the youngest, the 15-24 years old age group.1 In front of this growing success, many people say to themselves: “Why not me? “. Yes, indeed, why not you? So how does one […]

How to expand your LinkedIn community?

Developing a community on LinkedIn involves a bit of adaptation to your communication style for a this particular social network. You won’t have much chance of building a community on LinkedIn by applying tricks that worked on other networks. On LinkedIn, we do not go anywhere without knocking at some doors and showing clean forms, […]

What are the best social networks for your business?

Everyone is using social networks, but when it comes to choosing the best platforms for professional use, things get a bit complicated. A little preliminary reflection is necessary to develop an effective social media strategy whose first step is to choose the social network adapted to your business activity. Hollispot chose to focus on three […]