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10 essential rules for communicating well on social networks

Communicating well on social networks is an art! Based on some fundamental principles, simple to realise, but which will bring to your publications all the success they deserve.

Hollispot gives you 10 essential rules to make your social posts absolutely irresistible.

1. Communicate on a casual tone

Initially, social networks were imagined to favorise exchanges between friends. The style is casual and informal, even when used for professional purposes. Even you, who define yourself as a “serious” enterprise, need to communicate in a more … light mode. The tone adopted may be different from the one you use on your website or blog because your posts are not a copy of your site, but original content, which must be well adapted to the constraints of social networks.

2. Keep your identity and values

Adopting a lighter tone does not mean you have to forget what makes your company’s identity and values. Your customers and prospects are attached to these character traits, which permit to distinguish you from the competition. They want to find this unique signature in your social media communication.

3. Adapt your communication to support and target

The rules of communication vary in function of the social network. They are not the same on Facebook, vast generalist network, and LinkedIn, 100% pro network. But you must also adapt your communication to your target. Who are they? Where do they live? What is their lifestyle? What are their concerns and centres of interest? In answering these questions, you will find the right tone to address them and offer them perfectly adapted subjects.

4. Create proximity with your audience

Social networks are spaces of proximity. We can feel it in the vocabulary used. On their website, many companies use an impersonal style. We talk about companies, teams, brands or customers. On social media, the method is more direct; you must privilege the personal pronouns: I, we, you. It does seem like nothing, but it’s useful in breaking the ice and establishing a real dialogue with our subscribers. Each of them must have the impression of talking with a friend, an acquaintance, someone who is close to him.

5. Be concise

On social networks, the audience is continuously solicited. You have probably noticed, the days are only 24 hours! Your subscribers do not have time to read content that is too long. To hit your target, you must limit the length of posts to a few characters. On Facebook, you have more than 63000 characters (as many say infinity!) And 280 on Twitter, but it is better to use only … 40. It sounds short, but it is an excellent format to promote engagement. Beyond, it decreases. If you want to relay a blog post, avoid copying and pasting. Briefly introduce the article to your readers and insert a link in your post. They will have plenty of time to enjoy this little nugget later. To avoid long explanatory sentences, do not hesitate to insert emoticons. They can sig-ni-fi-cantly reduce the length of the message and have the advantage of creating proximity to your audience.

6. Create quality content

To exist on social networks, you must first and foremost be remarkable by the quality of your posts. To keep the attention of your readers, avoid disturbing them for anything, publishing to publish. Quality must always take precedence over quantity. Much more than the volume of publications, what counts before, is the regularity. Set up a quality meeting with your audience. It’s a magic formula to encourage sharing and comments.

7. Create a surprise, be bold

Your audience is curious by nature, just waiting to be surprised. She certainly has topics of interest much more extensive than you think. Feel free to surprise her with topics that are both relevant and unexpected. Propose new topics you will make you gain attractiveness and to prevent the most terrible enemies on social networks (and elsewhere): boredom.

8. Insert visuals

Yes, of course, do not forget the visuals, photos, graphics and videos. They value your posts, attract attention and facilitate interactions. We even have two small statistics on the subject:



on Twitter, posts with a photo are 150 times more shared;
on Facebook, 87% of posts generating commitments include images.



You see, visuals make wonderful things!

9. Create hashtags

Another excellent tool, the hashtag! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all allow you to create hashtags. You would be wrong to private yourself from them because they make it easier to find your posts and make them visible to an audience, surely, very interested. Here again, there are comments and sharing in perspective, better visibility, greater notoriety, etc. What a success!

10.Insert Call To Action

The CTA buttons are like perches stretched to your subscribers. They facilitate interactions by inviting them, utilising a large button, clearly visible, to perform an action. Give them a clear, precise and powerful request to encourage action!

You see, communicating on social networks is much easier than it seems. Especially if you choose Hollispot to schedule all your posts on time.

Life is so much easier with Hollispot!

* Source: Business 2 Community

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